Truth Seeking
It can be painful
When you find skeletons
In your Heroes’ closets
When dirt is somehow
Always found
When the truth is bitter.
When am gone
From here
I hope that i will know
That i had
The right set of heroes
In my book of Admirable Men.
I want to know that
I fought for
A worthy Cause
And that I was on the
Love team,
On the Just team,
On the Winning Team.
And when the new jungle
Is unleashed
I will be under the Eagle’s Wings
Part of the Lamb’s flock
And walk with
The Mighty Lion.



I have found
My long lost desire
My knight in
Shining armor
My rescuer
My precious
My bright light
My Shining Sun
My Everything.
But all
Isn’t well yet.
He’s perfect
But am not
The castle is ready
But i didn’t know
That i preferred the dump better
I sneak out late
To hung with
His enemies
My tormentors
They hold out glitter
How do I resist
Sometimes all i want
Is to hide from the light
Am rather more accustomed
To Darkness and Gloom
To the impurity
How do i let the pain go
It wasn’t sweet but it was mine.
Am not fitted for Him
Atleast Not Yet
But I will wait
For his promises to
Be Fulfilled
He’s perfect,
Ofcourse he has it all
Quite figured out.


Things Now.

The weekend has been awful. On Friday my friend lost the election, we gave it our all but don’t know what went wrong. Okay i didn’t participate much in campaigns but only because my pride kept me feeling unable to shout in public , and i don’t wish to dance to secular music. But ofcourse i helped out. But seriously am not his only friend , if i were he would certainly lose. So many of my friends are his friends too and they put in so much and worked so hard. We lost and are now trying to recover.

Well Saturday came by , my friends talked of being unnecessary depressed and not knowing why but i know why i was depressed. I have been friends with Elsea for like five years now. I think we are rather best friends, i complain to her when home is frustrating, tell her about my past , my parents , my thoughts , the books i read. I sit with her in class , go shopping with her , she’s lent me some money lots of times , i have even spent two nights at her home with her mum and gotten to know most of her family members. Then i figured i need to end my friendship with her because she’s bad company, she isn’t a Christian. I hate evangelism because it drains me so much emotionally and alot of times i feel like i can relate more with unchristians than with the Gospel Truth that’s to be shared. I know letting people enjoy their way to hell isn’t very loving but since I’ve been there i don’t know how to convince myself that i would have needed an evangelist too back then when i didn’t know Christ , afterall back then I never let a Christian beat me at an argument even though it meant proving them liars. Anyway my point is , talking to Elsea feels like evangelism lots of times , it’s exhausting and i would rather tell stories and talk about movies than mention God which is what I’ve been doing for a long time. I love hanging out with her but am done debating on whether it’s a God approved friendship. I mean we had come to understand each other and respect each other’s boundaries, we respect whatever the other believes , she doesn’t say my faith in Christ is lunacy and i don’t say her claim that it’s okay to date someone of the same gender is pure madness. But seriously why is it so hard to bond with Christians? Anyway that’s not the point for now.

Now i have to end our friendship and I told her so on Saturday morning. I don’t know how am going to do it but I’ve been putting it off for far too long. I know it’s too hard , we sit in the same class almost everyday and am not attempting to create an enmity. Ofcourse i don’t know where am to find Christian friends but for now my novels will have to keep me company. Who knew trying to put an end to a friendship would be so hurting!

Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night. – Psalms 1:1-2.

Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” – 1 Corinthians 15:33

We wait on you

This is in honour of my former creative days , I have come to the very final Conclusion and realisation that Art is not one of my talents. But here are some of the things i tried out when i had just gotten a phone and had alot of time

We wait on you , by Steve Crown
A thanks to Carroll Roberson for one of my favorite songs. ‘there’s only one king’. And so thankful to Shazam and Elsea’s phone for helping me find it 🤣 I used to listen to it on Radio
Whoever is Ugandan and has heard this song anywhere, please help me with the title. Also lesson learnt , recording a video in a Ug Taxi on one of our terrible roads is a bad idea , i love the houses though , wish it was clearer.

Things as they are

There's a bit of hierarchy
In chief Ends
God made plants
With the chief end
Of bearing fruit
To feed men and animals
If they fail in that
They are destroyed.
Man's Chief end
Is to Glorify God
And enjoy him forever.
Just incase you wonder
Why you wish to glorify
Yourself and not God ,
The answer is simply Sin.
The Chief End of God
Is to glorify God
And enjoy Himself Forever.
Dedn ; Things as They Are : Mission Work in Southern India (1905) by Army Wilson Carmichael. 


You know it's just the usual,
One minute am saying I love God
With all my heart
And the next am saying
I really hate people,
They sure are annoying.
The next am saying I ought to be rational
And then irrationally adding
That I hate my friends ,
I smile at them but cannot vote for them ,
now isn't that hypocritical of me.
Well now there's the sober minute ,
Am there now and just thinking
What will people think of me ?
The audacity to claim i love God
but hate Church ?
They sure might think me a devil in disguise.
Or they will say I got no fear of the Lord
saying all those selfish things.
They might say am foolish ,
You know the whole throwing
Wisdom out of the window thing when i open my mouth.
I mean i just told someone
I hate him because of his tribe,
A typical African ,
not a racist but a tribalist.
Now am confusing my friends.
I mean who am I ,
If a Christ Lover I should love
And if just a self centered wretch ,
Stop the confusion and don't talk much of Christ anymore.
Ohh but who said we live for people,
For their pleasure, honour !
Who said we live for us and are tasked with protecting our honour , glory or names !
Christians live for Christ ,
For Christ's Honour
And at the center of the Christian message
Is the fact that we all fall short of the Glory of God,
God is making all things new
But who said sin was dead in us ,
We can testify to the proud
Because our former tendency to pride is a demon we are still fighting,
All will be made perfect when Christ returns but for now We keep fighting.
We give not up our attempt to learn the way
God's way to life.
I never said i was righteous
I said I have the Righteousness of Christ
And when the Flesh wages war
Against the spirit
In that battle's midst
We will know
That victory belongs to God.

It’s the election period at my University. Am in third year at Uganda Christian University, Mukono Campus. This basically means most of the leaders are coming from my class but also that i have to choose between two friends and i don’t know what to do. Also it’s my birthday but i have made sure to tell no one about it. Today is nomination day. Well let me wait and see what happens.

What are Preachers doing ?


I just watched a new movie released on Netflix. The School of Good and Evil. (SGE) The movie properly depicted the state of man , the not so clear line between good and bad people. All people have a good and a bad side. In an even greater reality though, God will draw a line , between the hearts he has changed and those still in their natural state of wickedness inherited at birth. Ofcourse i hated the movie, people don’t just magically become good whenever they wish and friends don’t kiss on the lips because that’s just wrong moreso in this sodomite era where a large number think the homosexuals ought to have rights. Ooh the one thing i hate the most though is an attempt at spoiling fairytales , i thought this was to be about magic and kids , not making a point that any evil witch can simply become good to save their own face again. Anyway to be fair , people have recently been obsessing over the old fairytales of stepsisters in hot iron shoes , bestiality in Beauty and the beast , stupidity and fornication in rapunzel , and ofcourse rape in Sleeping beauty.

Anyway, what’s on my mind is actually a conversation i had in the dining hall at University, all my friends seem to think people are born good but along the way they pick up bad habits and become evil , no one believes the Bible says men are born with wicked hearts , they sin not because they have picked up bad habits but because all men who proceed from Adam are sinners even in the womb. Now my reality looks just like the school of good and evil where agreements with evil are made, good learns to put on a pretty face and a beautiful smile but no one seems to remember that we are in the midst of battle. Life is a harsh training school where we are to be taught to fight for what really matters. Sadly everyone seems to think overcoming poverty, building a large house and being able to buy our future kids whatever they want is the great pearl. What happened to Christ being the Pearl ?

Ohh am not here to say am on the right track , heaven knows i have failed so much. I just have a question, what are preachers doing?

Things that matter


The things that matter
If they were gold
You could be born wealthy
Or work alittle
And very smart
And you will own it all
Isn’t it funny though
That manual laborers
Don’t get paid much
You’ve got to be genius
Talent might get you there. But Gold is worthless
Sadly the things that matter
Are Godliness
And even more importantly
God Almighty.
Now these entail war
All are born sinners
You hate your own peace
Everything is up against truth
Every day you have to fight
There’s just no time for soft life
Mourning is the wise thing
Watch for the seasons
Delight in His blessings
But remember
Those who ain’t watching
Are devoured
Things that matter can
Be summarized in one word,