An African

Friends I met this holiday ūüėá
So many times
Have i heard
That Christianity is Slavery
It's Colonial bondage
And should be thrown out
Advocates have called on Africa
Not to let the Colonialists
Rule through the Bible.
They have said
Go back to your roots
This mostly
Comes from Whites
They have been fed
The lies
And now they wish
To pass them on.
But still
I feel the need
To defend my faith
Missionaries did
Get it to Africa
Were they Jews
No they were Gentiles
That lays claim to
The Faith of Abraham
Even Abraham himself
Has had to abandon
Wisdom from ancestors
And family tradition
And even culture
Abraham left all things
All his household gods
Won't he testify
Against us
If we don't leave ours too
The Almighty God has Spoken
His Chosen Ones
Are preparing to
Be thrown out
Afterall Our King
Was slain outside the City
By Culture and tradition
So why should they be
Ultimates to us
We are indeed asked
Isn't He greater?

Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith; - Philippians 3: 8- 9. ( NKJV)

The Lion

To the lion that roars and watches the Universe ( Agunechemba)

First let me commit a few crimes. We are small gods , God’s chief end for us is to Glorify him but for him it’s to Glorify himself. We are now bent on glorifying ourselves, we are small gods because our chief end is to glorify ourselves which should be God’s end alone. Am accusing God of pride, what’s pride but that you think yourself better than all others , above them all and invincible, what’s pride but that you think yourself the best at what you do and look to yourself as the superior man . For Men , it’s a vice , it’s folly, you are afterall not above all powers and not perfection made manifest , you are not self sufficient and ain’t your own maker , you are not just being foolish but evil. But if you know a thing about God , you know He can be proud of himself, i use proud for the lack of a better word. God can glory in Himself. He made man , He has the whole world in his hands , He is all powerful , He is Holiness , He is perfection, He Owns everything and His Storehouses never run dry. He makes the Swan and the Hen , the Goat and the Sheep , the Lion and the Hyena for his pleasure , he made the elements and the waves obey his command. He owns every man’s breath , He never ceases, He Controls even time. He can shut the sun down at a word. He is all Wisdom , knowing all things , purposing all things. He never loses , He has no equal , He has no rival. Only He has no beginning and No end. He is the master of death , the owner of the galaxies. What’s to keep Him from being proud? Did I mention He is Holiness , he cannot tolerate even a tiny bit of sin or evil. He has kept his own law perfectly. His dwelling place gets a name change to Holy City , Holy temple, Holy People. His appellations alone can go on forever – He is at the Centre Of it all , It’s all about Him , always and forever. Who can ever accuse Him of Pride ? In the word pride is the fact that what you think you are and claim to be is actually not true. But God is truth and He owns everything and everyone. So again i ask , who can dare accuse Wisdom of pride?

All Sufficient One.

God is self replenishing
What am i even saying
He is the well that never runs dry
He never needs refilling
We are nourished by food
Our mortal bodies have to be fed
They have to be exercised
Same goes for our minds
Our hearts
Our Souls
We feed on the Word.
But God is self replenishing
He needs nothing out of Himself
To Exist from Everlasting to Everlasting.
He is not Zeus
That if his worship ceases,
He will cease.
He is not hades that he feeds
On Death.
He is the all consuming fire
And the fount of Every blessing.
More importantly
He is the All Sufficient One.

Tribute to Cartoons

If only i knew
What my heart was telling me
If only
I can't decide
What's wrong what's right
Which way should i go.
Appealing , right ?
Ofcourse in you're case
It's probably a choice between
Killing you're dream
To live your parent's dream.
It's never as easy as choosing
Between evil and a loving Prince

The lion
Ofcourse hakuna matata
Seemed real
The land of the lions
A dream come true
When was the dream shattered ?
When the young Princess
Went hunting
Suddenly I worried
Won't the lions feed
On my favorite zebra next
Then i will miss the " panic and run"
I don't believe
I once thought
The circle of life
Was the right path
Let's dream further on
The Bible does mention
Lions feeding on grass afterall
I still adore the sweet family though
And that song about the circle
Still enchants
I wonder why

I never had a barbie doll
But it felt like
A cartoon i had to watch
Gloria liked to sing some of the songs
You can tell she's a Princess
She doesn't need a crown.
And If i had magic
I could do anything that i want
I could be anything.
Wow i wanted to be part of that
A year later and i too was
There's a place you can go
Where you're heart is free
You can Shine,
Look how high we can fly,
I maybe be beautiful I maybe dutiful
Don't mess with the dress ,
She's the queen of the wave,
I wish i had you're life ,
Princesses wanna have fun ,
Here I am being who i want
Giving all I have got ,
You can be anything you want
Live a life that's made for you
You will light up you're whole world and
Be shining so bright ,
You're the one
You're all that I want
Like the morning meets the dawn
You show me how to see tomorrow.
Then Gloria wasn't there to sing with me
I could have showed her how much I now knew
I changed school
To a place without Gloria
Two years later
A newspaper said the toon was
A bad influence on Children
And Truddie shared that she had a nightmare
Of Barbie strangling her
What had i been after ?
That too at fifteen ?
The dresses enchant
The crowns make you dream
The friends , eternity , places and roles
Almost always ending with a Crowning ceremony
It's a beautiful dream world ,
But obviously the songs leave a mark
They share you're story
They make you wish you could be
Who you really wanted to be
Because you don't want to be anything
But something hidden in your heart ,
And boys be warned
Barbie is a world of only girls
Glitter , dresses , hair , shoes and Queens,
But don't be mistaken ,
None of the girls wishes for pink grass
Sometimes sparkle everywhere is just ugly
But comeon they deserve alittle credit
They brought the glass Castle to life.

Mi Familia
Ohh we celebrate family
Ellen missed watching
"Despicable Me"
With the three of us,
But Erato , Elijah
And Emilly sure loved it.

The lies
Are they liars
Or Thieves ?
I love fairytales
When you say in the first written story
Cinderella's sisters cut their heels
And bled to fit into
The glass slipper
I don't mind much
It was probably meant to be hilarious
And close to unnoticeable for
Six year olds.
Say sleeping beauty
Was actually raped in her sleep
And i think ofcourse the story had to change
An abuser can't be a Prince charming
That's unheard of.
Then ofcourse there's the ugly tale
That beauty
Had to lie with the beast
That's ridiculous
Afterall it's right
That she gives her heart
And gets her heart's desire
But unacceptable if she gave
Her body for his love.
Did you hear that the golden hair girl
Was discovered pregnant
In her tower
She too was surprised they say
And her Prince seems to have abused her
Didn't he know some relations
Are only for Covenant relationships
Nobody believes Rapunzel could be that
Ignorant of her own body though
Do you ?
Ooh and about our beloved Aladdin
They say he lay with
What would that say
About his character
I would think him a Cheat truly
But am not letting fairytales get ugly.
When does you're heart stir
When the queen tells of her woes
Don't let them see
Don't let them know.
You hear you're own tale
I won't cry before them
I won't tell them how much i hurt
I won't share my inadequacy
They shouldn't know am lazy
And then she says
Now they know
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care what they are going to say
The cold never bothered me
Let it go.
Wow how amazing
Ohh afcourse it feels liberating
She's finally free to be who she's desired
But in your room
You're laughing and saying am different
I care , the cold bothers me
I can't be the queen
Not in a kingdom of isolation
Not of loneliness
Mine is really a curse ofcourse
And if you're at the am free stage,
You're probably singing
This ain't what i really wanted
This freedom is just another cage
I also do care
I have a heart
And maybe if it really froze i could breathe
You are the queen
Without ever being the queen.
My Fancies V reality                                 Here's the deal
I might be a Cinderella
No kind heart because that's rather unreal
When you have a ruthless family
But I spend hours cleaning cinders
It's only right that I fancy
A prince beloved by all
Loving only me
And a castle, alittle bit of security. I wanna be the centre
Of attention
With all looking to me
Adoring only me
The prince charming
Is a prince because then
I will be in the spotlight too But there are no princes.
There's One
Around whom all revolves
And He ain't of my kind
He is the Omnipotent.
There's no most handsome
No castle
The world is large
And wealth makes nobody a centre
There are no fairytales. But you see
Am also no blonde
Am not tall and slender
But that doesn't matter
Well this does matter,
I don't sing like an angel
I don't dance like a swan
And parties don't relax me
The world says they can change
My color, make my hair perfect
But will they also give me
Hands that wish to play a piano
And a heart that's at rest in a castle
Will the world make me
Content with no job
Can it convince me to rejoice
On receiving those perfect shoes
Each and every time with
no Boredom and no weariness I need more than
A prince charming and a castle
I need to know my place
My purpose , my work
To serve deligently
I need to know what patience is,
To grow old gracefully
To know that am no centre
Am a servant only
A player , a clay pot
I need to know truth
Because only then can I know joy
And isn't being happy my real desire ?
Despicable Me
Here's our heroe
Ambition at it's worst
He's stealing the Moon
But do you know what saves the day,
He actually has a good heart.
I do wish that's what reality was like
That behind all evil men
And heartless women
You would find good hearts
But the God of Israel says
Men's hearts are evil from Childhood.
They have adulterous hearts
None have pure hearts
A musician by the names
Jason Gray
Has said
The Prodigal
Is who Jesus died for.
How beautiful is that day when
He gives a man
A heart of flesh
When He purifies the heart of all iniquity.
Ohh blessed be the Lover of Men's Souls.

Long Holiday


I have such a long holiday, close to four months. Anyway am doing a study on the Sovereignty of God. I think am quite convinced by Arthur W Pink that indeed God’s Will is sovereign even over men’s wills. But am not giving a short summary of what i have learned. I mean I do agree or rather it makes sense to me that though God doesn’t author sin , he can stop it or direct it as he pleases , he doesn’t just allow it , he decides it’s subjects and it’s purposes and whether it should occur or not. He decides on whether war should occur or not and it turns out the very popular claim that God allows sin because He has given men free will and they can do as they please and he won’t interfere because he is good but he will come back to judge , is all actually a huge lie. God wills that Judas be lost but Saul be saved. He does as he pleases in the Universe. Plus i have just learnt, men have never ever had free will , i mean come on we do remember Jesus saying we are slaves to sin and truth can set us free , how then did we actually say yes to the lie that men have free will. Only God’s will is free. Uzzah is struck to death for touching on the Ark of the Covenant whereas the Philistines carry it without losing any one. I mean the sovereign one struck down 70 men just for looking into the ark of the covenant and somehow Christians today want to explain God’s ways. Ohh come-on we know God is unchanging , He remains the same but Ananias and Sapphira lie to the Spirit and die while today Liars are preaching the gospel and standing still , well I know one good reason why , God hasn’t changed but He will do as He pleases. Hold on , isn’t that the message of Job , I am God, I am most powerful and i will do as I want and who are you to question that ? He stops war and starts war at his pleasure. He puts to death and raises to life as he pleases. But somehow , Christians are spending so much time trying to figure out why He does this or that , what principals he follows or what they can do to appease him ? I mean Moses wasn’t pardoned for one mistake but others have been forgiven for millions because He will do as He pleases. God is Sovereign. I am glad that Pink provides so much proof of how Biblically sound the doctrines of God’s sovereignty and Man’s depravity are. Well cheers to learners and Happy Holidays for those having them.


Notes to Self.


Do babies get judged
And what of children
What about the mentally disabled
You know someone said
Only those with ability
Get judged
Let’s say Judgment begins on twelve
Let’s dream those who die younger
Get a free pass to heaven.
Well it doesn’t look fair
Some are saved
Others lost.
Well the one who wills
To choose some
And condemn others
Sure can do as He pleases ,
He Can Grace whosoever he wishes
We don’t try the Judge
We don’t try Wisdom
We can’t try Love Himself
Who knows, maybe only those able
Are risen again to account !
But this remains a mystery,
Till time ceases.

But the normal man who is endowed with rationality, who is gifted with a conscience that is capable of distinguishing between right and wrong,¬† who is able to weigh eternal issues¬†is a responsible being, and it is because he¬†does¬†possess these very faculties that he will yet have to “give account of himself to God” (Rom. 14:12). Arthur W Pink.

School Trips

The trip to Soroti Flying School.

For a start , my dad for some reason always made sure i never missed a trip. I attended a history trip , commerce trip , biology trip, geography trip , chemistry trip and literature seminars. That’s only for highschool. In Primary I fell in love with trips. My most memorable trip was in well i can’t remember the class but lower primary, we visited Entebbe Airport and toured around in buses, it was so amazing, i got to watch a Plane take off for the first time , I got to cross a Zebra Crossing and every step felt heavenly. We also went to a huge building, i don’t remember what was inside and why i can’t remember a thing but i remember entering , it felt so huge and so amazing but that was the last perfect trip and it might be perfect only because i was too young to remember any bad details. Then we went to Amazing World or Didis World , i can’t remember the name then but I didn’t ride on a single amazing ride , not even the carterpillar they said i was late for that one and the round cups happened to be out of service on that day , the boat ride felt too scary a classmate even vomited on that one and as for the octopus i was apparently too short to ride it but no it wasn’t height ,it was my age ,i was one year too young to ride it , my friends couldn’t believe i hadn’t lied about my age ,well i didn’t know it would disqualify me. I just stared feeling lost and amazed, the horses going round and round felt boring and i lost my sweater there , i have always felt like i need to go back there and do it right. There were trips for every class and i barely got a seat in the bus for the P.2 trip . I don’t know the class but one of our tours was to Soroti Flying School , they had a strict though shalt not touch on a helicopter without permission rule and a you are not to take pictures without permission, am one of the lucky few who had already taken a photo before the guide arrived with the rules but we so enjoyed it even though the guide describing the plane controls to us was such a ridiculous thing , we didn’t care and were smart enough to know we would forget in a minute but they seemed to want to ensure it’s a study trip and not a gazing one but touching those controls now we all wanted that , on that trip i remember a moment where a girl wanted to go for a call so bad she figured she could go behind the building then we all pointed out that there are cameras everywhere, but some of us didn’t even know what cameras looked like. Anyway we soon figured out where the latrines were , the place was so quiet outside. I think it’s also on that trip that a bus got a punctured tire but sadly I wasn’t on that lucky bus , we were told the story later of how they waited for a Mechanic then the teacher decided getting another bus would be better . Anyway for another class , I was so eager to visit Uganda Nile Breweries and see how alcohol or wine is made and maybe take some sips but some crazy teacher thought we ought to visit another factory instead , we went to NYTIL. I think the first letter stands for Nyanza and there’s also the word textile somewhere in it’s name and yes it’s a cloth making factory . My experience there was scary alittle bit , every machine looked like it wanted to swallow me , i was ten years old with a wild imagination. I swear they were trying to kill us , there was a very hot room and also a very smelly one somewhere at the end , a teacher seemed to keep guard so we don’t run back and leave the place , this scared little kitten made it through anyway but that factory sure was huge . In Primary we also visited a trading show some year , what was memorable was the moment we figured we had paid almost double the price to visit that show so our parents were cheated but that’s the way each trip was always so i wonder why we were surprised. We had no money so we couldn’t buy a thing and one of the things i got to look at was an extra large pig , talk about weird. Ohh and there was also another play thing like an octopus that could take you miles into space but this time round only real grown ups could go so me and my classmates stood in amazement again, until we were shoved onto the bus to leave. I wonder how a noisy place ended up real quiet though , maybe am mixing up trips , i don’t know , all i remember is that for the trade show you had to move fast , just when me a short little girl had finally got the chance to stare at a gigantic pig , the guide would say time’s up , walk and walk fast, we could barely see stuff. The other trip was the leavers party , am the awkward type at a party so nothing fun to say , i didn’t like my clothes and I bought red ridiculous glasses for my eyes only because i couldn’t afford the more stupid ones that were shaped like a butterfly. My young brother later broke them at home, accidentally and my mum said they were foolish . I couldn’t swim so i avoided the swimming pool , i could have taken my first boat ride at 2,000Shs but i didn’t have the money so I watched as my friends went. I missed playing on the swings because apparently I wasn’t going to get on one until i was certain we were allowed to play on them and by the time i was certain, it was too late. I don’t dance like I said parties are not my favorite place. And i took a few photos that I still wish I could buy because then I would have photos of my entire class. I loved them all , even Atiku Allan

P7 Leaver’s party

I don’t know what the trip was but we once visited the zoo. I was enchanted with the tiger , it looked so amazing I really hope it’s still there. I remember the guide telling us that that cat can climb a cage that’s why even the top is all wire mesh , i loved watching it pace angrily , it did look like the real king of the jungle. We saw the oldest gorilla celebrating ahundred i think , we saw very huge gorillas, lions , and giraffes. There was a though shalt not touch on a giraffe nor get close to one rule but they looked so graceful. I think almost every child in Uganda has visited the Zoo . We saw a house full of all kinds of snakes and even got so close to the edge of the lake despite them saying it’s dangerous. It’s was probably primary because i remember people taking pictures with the gorilla sculpture and that of the giraffes at the entrance.

Form One Geog Trip

At twelve I joined highschool or secondary school like we usually call it. It’s probably Junior High in other countries. Now this was a school where teachers were interested in school trips . Our Lady of Africa Senior Secondary School Day and Boarding , Namilyango was the school. The day part wasn’t very active i think , anyway I was in boarding. In Senior One or Form One , I went for the geography trip where I went to a beach for the first time. As usual am boring so I barely got into the water i wonder why i would mention that first , the goal was to visit the weather station and we did visit it , we saw the windvane , barometer , rain gauge, etc etc boring school stuff. We actually made notes while the tour guide explained, children under the illusion that the trip is actually important. I saw plastic latrines from the first time , those that can be moved i think but i obviously didn’t enter one , they were to be avoided. I think we also visited the Uganda Museum , i remember seeing odd but interesting stuff there and a hut i was so curious to check out but it happened to be out of bounds. The beach was fun , people found creative ways of playing in the waters of lake Victoria on their uniforms , i wasn’t one of the people. Anyway here comes trip number two in form two , the History Trip where we visited deep wholes in the ground rumoured to have been dug by the Baganda’s version of the devil and death , i can’t even remember their names , plus to enter the shrines you had to pay then take off your shoes , pay is a thing students were ready to do but no one wanted to take off shoes, obviously I didn’t enter the shrines and my bus wasn’t attacked by bees or wasps , neither did my bus remain behind to pick a missing child who was rumoured to have remained in the shrines , am never that lucky. When we went shopping, i saw a huge picture of the orange haired Brave for those that love cartoons , at the shopping mall , it was so beautiful and huge , my window shopping also went up to children’s toys which is still funny for me. There was the commerce trip, a teacher showed up asked for my name and said my dad had paid for the trip and I was to go , I asked him if it was possible to just get the money back and leave the trip afterall most of my friends weren’t going , he said that’s not possible and off to the bus early in the morning and unprepared I went. We visited a sugar making factory. Standing outside i was terrified, once again the machine looked like it wanted to swallow me from a distance and I was probably fifteen then, then we got in and i was amazed at the machines, this time round i wasn’t afraid just awed and wondering who the engineers, builders and architects were. It’s a factory owned by one of the Indians in my country. Each part of the sugar making process felt amazing and i figured dreams do come true while i walked out. We were each given sugar while leaving, that white one that’s rumoured to be dangerous. I took notes while the guide was talking but this time round i did it because i loved the place. We also visited the bread factory , i loved every inch of it, the smell of fresh bread , the smell of butter and other stuff, the machines were huge and scary but they just felt genius ,the buns looked lovely but i remember we weren’t given any free bread like we had hoped we would be . We visited a fertilizer making factory and it was not amazing enough am shocked i don’t remember it smelling awful. The commerce trip was what should actually be called a study trip , we visited several factories and made plenty of good notes. Then there was the Chemistry trip where i kept confusing the terms sewage and sewerage, i still don’t know which is which. First it started out disgusting, with the collection of toilet residue and the water retrieving process began. We didn’t take notes , we kept rushing ahead of the tour guide , we were excited sixteen year olds who kept going over each inch of the huge heavy equipment and machinery. We would literally only pick like one detail from the guide then rush on ahead, the teachers couldn’t keep us in place, that place is what every factory should be ,it wasn’t like real factories which are well as the name goes buildings, the processes were long and displayed outside kind of , i don’t think i can explain it well. We loved how huge it was. At last we saw the water , the garbage , the fertilizers made and i don’t know what else. I loved the trip. Ohh the water is poured back into Lake Victoria. Then we visited the opposite of the sewage treatment plant , here water is got from Lake Victoria and purified to be sent to people’s taps. We argued over the chemicals , over their safety , whether calcium or sodium okay whom am I kidding, i don’t remember the names of the chemicals but we argued over their safety. The place felt cool and fresh , it’s where we had our packed lunch from school but we weren’t allowed to take photos and this time round i wasn’t part of the lucky few who had taken photos before we were forbidden. Wow it’s a factory i wish I could visit again , it had water tanks everywhere and of all kinds it sure made it feel like water is life. Anyway let’s go to the next trip , the Biology Trip , most of our science teachers were Banyankole or Westerners , we had Mr Baguma our favorite, Mr Mukundane , Mr Ouma Billy and my very own , the one who taught my stream , Mr Muhangi Crispus. Mr Crispus let Joan and others play with his phone on the bus which was so cool and we travelled in streams , the perfect sitting arrangement ever , the boys alone girls alone arrangement always caused chaos. We were singing or rather screaming the song Round of Applause and we kept clapping all through. Until policemen stopped us and silenced us. The site we visited was sort of like a forest , i don’t remember it’s name but they said there’s a particular type of mosquito that mostly kills whites when they come to Africa so its a site where they are investigating about the mosquito. We spent the day fearing the deadly mosquito even though we clearly are not white. The teachers had a particular plan , teaching the entire topic of Ecology. We were put in groups and assigned to teachers. I remember a point where my group stood over a steep slope wondering what would happen if one of us fell down and some boys made risky choices going through bushes that weren’t part of the marked path. The place felt like home probably because we were going to spend the entire day there so we searched every inch of it and even went off on our own. I remember also being taught by Mr Baguma though i don’t think I was in his group , am honored to have been taught by him. We took notes for the entire topic, i still think I would love a visit to a forest.

Sezibwa falls

Lastly there’s the compulsory trip , the geography trip in form Four. The government gives areas and the school chooses because this is examinable , my school chose Masese Island. Those fishing grounds are so not islands. Again i loved the bus and the sitting arrangement, we sat according to streams. Before we got there our Class Prefect , Faizo got up in the bus and announced that our teacher Mr Sebugwawo Denis had sketched the maps for us already and all we had to do was copy them before arriving. That was rather unexpected. When we got there, some other teacher of a different stream, at the end of our tour stopped and told us to draw the maps , they expected us to know how , they had taught us before using a walk around the school , I was nauseated and hated the smell of fish , i had headache and felt dizzy. Anyway after that awful experience, we went to the Source of the Nile. Now here I got to admire those going for boat rides again , still couldn’t go , didn’t have the money , the price had now doubled. We walked around the river with a guide , i know we had a guide because at some point he stopped to show us what’s said to be the starting point of the river , I enjoyed watching stubborn boys mess with a caged scary crocodile, thank heavens none got his hand bit off but that was fun. I saw all kinds of snakes. I didn’t go in though so i missed seeing other snakes, this time round i could afford it but my best friend thought it beyond crazy to pay a penny and see snakes so i went along with her and left my heart behind. We saw other crocodiles after we had enjoyed our lunch. Ofcourse i couldn’t afford the stuff they sell there , African Crafts and Bags including bangles are so expensive we rather buy Chinese stuff. It was probably also on the geography trip that we visited Sezibwa falls , I think it was geography because the waterfall was used to explain various staAnyway my friend Joy is a Candidate in S4 and she’s gone for her trip to Masese today which has brought back so many memories for me. And grateful for the school trips.


Ladies and dresses

Or one should say pants
because these are most
of what we wear these days.
Well where does the anxiety originate from ,
why want to dress up in
an appealing way to your peers ?
Have you been part of criticism,
bored at fifteen and
noting with friends that one of your teachers
seems to have only one pair of shoes
because it’s all she’s won the entire week,
making comments like the English teacher
seems to have no sense of style
Or the I.R.E teacher dresses up most beautifully.
Did you notice little details like
how the watch of the C.R.E teacher
doesn’t actually work anymore but he keeps it on still. Did you maybe agree
that the biology teacher
looks like an animal with that long beard
and one of the chemistry teachers
wears a Holy Mary medallion
that he’s probably not taken off
since baptism and that it gives him the
look of a poor fellow.
Did you ever rate the
smartest male teachers of the week
or notice that your
literature teacher’s vest
is visible through his shirt
and you can read the
phrase dairy or milk on it
and that ought to be humiliating for him.
Did the Literature teacher ever
tell a colleague in class
that he’s noticed he wears
torn shoes and he’s probably
From such a poor family.
Dirty socks, unironed shirts ,
lipstick, long hair ,
short skirts and trousers ,
strong perfume , a loose tie , unpolished shoes , everything was noticed
at my highschool and it rather
got you whipped by the teachers.
Did you probably think no one would be noticing
how you dress up
only for that illusion to be shattered
at 20 when a friend of yours complains
that another girl has no bra on
and that’s so disgusting and irritating.
And that one of the girls is
always smart so she gets the vote as most beautiful. And the lecturer jokes about
how you ought to change you’re hair
atleast monthly if you are too poor
and the class jokes about how
the family law lecturer
seems to always wear
the same shoe and the same wig.
And worse still it gets alittle personal
when a group of friends crowd around you
asking why you wear that same sweater everytime ?
Suddenly in the morning, you take off the red watch
It is pretty and you wish to keep
It on but they will notice it
Doesn’t work
You wear shoes afraid
They are broken
But you can’t afford repairs
So your heart shakes alittle.
Then there’s the mending
That you personally did on
Your trousers
All this communicates
Am too poor
Can’t buy clothes
Can’t mend them properly
There comes the time when you’re hair is messy
But salons take money
And the fear is back to haunt you
In a way, you helped create it.
No one seems to notice
But the fear persists
Maybe they are talking behind
You’re back , you wonder ?
But you can never know
If you’ve become the weirdest fellow
And the fear lives with you through the day !

Why buy the choicest dresses
Ohh that memory of little girls ,
friends ofcourse twirling in brand
new dresses until they went up
it looked like a dance
we laughed alot together
if we could just have that
one moment back again.
But what about the joy
from all the attention they gave us on Christmas, Grandma suddenly called you beautiful,
grownups paid attention,
that day brought you joy ,
it made you feel like you had
a place in the world even with the grownups.
Now i could get a new dress
so the girls can compliment me
but you get a new dress everyday and they stop noticing, no matter what you do
they eventually stop noticing ofcourse.
Then there’s the fear then ,
that they are gossiping
saying you are poor
or not as good as them ,
better keep up to date girl ,
even though that fear
might be a creation of your imagination ofcourse.
We long for sisters , don’t we.
If you’ve had late night conversations on bed ,
it’s coming to midnight
but intimate stories about school friends ,
Or even for those who were once in boarding school
that perfect moment one night
when everyone has something to say on a particular topic. Now if the topic was boys that night was probably a nightmare because you didn’t know much
About that and if it were a serie everyone
Seemed to know but you,
You probably rushed to bed
Faking an angry and tired mood.
Friends always told a story
Of a moment in their domitory
Where one girl was narrating a story
The rest silent on their beds
She suddenly stopped and said
Maybe she will finish
Tomorrow because almost everyone
Seemed asleep
Suddenly almost the entire
Room shouted please finish
We are listening
She was glad she had such a huge
We always long for sisters
To talk about future plans
Of buying hens
And going to Korea
To get married to a guy from there
Knowing full well ofcourse that
These are impossible dreams that
we don’t even really even wish for.
We laughed and argued
But had sisters and moments
We hoped to keep for a lifetime.