Do we have sands of time?
We say,”Don’t live in the past!”
Live in the present .
That is because if we keep living in the past,we may lose our future.
Our present today determines our future,
Our present tomorrow.
But that is time.

Time hardly waits for us or notices our troubles . It keeps going . But our time on earth, has an end.Ours is but limited.
Soon, we drop dead, & without us,
Time ⏰ goes on.
we say time heals wounds,
But what is your say?
How do we explain the past that keeps on haunting us even on a new sunrise?

But time too has an end.
Time is untouchable, unlimited & keeps on & on. With probably no one crossing it’s paths.But time too has a master.
He is above all.The creator of time is not limited by it.
The past, present & future are at his disposal. We should be glad, that our Master is above all.He hardly waits for time to heal wounds or time to change
us or give us his victory & joy .
When he promises , nothing ever holds him back
Not even time.Now that is God,
He is Almighty.