When I’m old enough ,
I don’t want to be grumpy all the time,
I don’t want to have no trust in
Those younger than me.

I would hate it if I grew
To be suspicious of all people around me,
And so very bitter.

And after I have achieved big things in life,
God, help me not to be so serious
About everything in life.

Help remind me of
How beautiful simplicity is,
Of how amazing it would be
If I cared to hear the stories of younger People, and tried to understand them.

Help me know that being forty,
Doesn’t mean my story matters more
Than that of a sixteen year old.

Remind me to crack silly jokes,
To laugh at stupidity,
To know that it’s okay,
To be foolish sometimes.

More importantly, help me remember,
That it maybe so hard at forty,
But life was hard even at sixteen.