For someone who is so afraid,
Of people,failure, everything,
For someone so careful,I have made
Alot of wrong decisions.

How did playing it safe become
Playing it tough and mad,
And why wasn’t it safe,
Ofcourse I thought it was then,
But now I look back and wonder,
How did I fail so miserably.

I sat low, said nothing,
Though I longed to stand straight,
But that didn’t keep me from feeling
Like a failure, a fool
My fear of being laughed at let me sit low
But feelings of being a loser weren’t avoided.

Afraid of mistakes, wrong choices,
And I guess being like everyone else,
I avoided alot of relationships,
But was that a good choice,
Did it make me any different,
Funny, I remained lost.

And the fears I’m still fighting,
I will win,
Because I am nolonger on the losing side,
I fight with Him who won the victor’s crown, the King of Israel .