Oh the prayer books,
Our requests to our Father already
Written down for us to read to Him.
The uninspiring songs because
We can’t take the risk of being modern
But improper before our King.

The good hours, in which we write
Down the requests of all
And read out loud.
Then the hours spent on our knees
So our lover can look on us with pity
And probably mercy.

The days spent listening to one
Holier than thou,
The quiet shame of sharing with him
The wrongs you’ve done
Like your Judge was far from reach.

Then the holy drink and bread,
Telling a tale always, of love
That you alone don’t see.
But , it is follow the set rules,
Say nothing, kneel ,listen
Do only your part and Silence
Am sorry if this fellowship
Just seems a little bizzare for me.

I don’t mind the uncertainty
As long as my Father be with me,
I won’t tell of my sins to a fellow servant
Knowing the King has invited me too
To His throne of mercy
To share in the graces of his presence.

I won’t sing the old tales
Of a helpless sinner
Knowing I can rejoice and
Be glad in my King’s temple.
I’m forgiven and beloved.
I know He alone is my good Judge.

I won’t keep silence,
Knowing even I have been called
Knowing I too have a place ,
In His service.

I won’t beg on my knees for hours
For the saints to plead for me
Knowing He rescued my soul
Knowing I am healed
Knowing my redeemer lives.

All the images are a representation of why I left the Roman Catholic church after giving my life to Christ. They are a courtesy of Pinterest.