I love your bravery, you’re so set on courage,in the midst of the storm.
I’m dazzled by your strength,
You’re so hardened by all the
hurts life has dared to throw at you.

Yet still I wish I would see a tear,
Just one sign of pain.
It’s so I can know you care
So I can know your heart,
is still tender and warm.
Do you have sympathy even now,
or compassion and kindness?
Are you still human?

You can say l’m asking for a lot,
But I’ve known true beauty on a cross,
The Greatest One crowned with thorns,
scorned and mocked.
And I’ve known it to be true
that he is King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.

How then can you say tears are for the weak? Or that pity is for losers?
Yet the mightiest of all wept!
And he is no weakling.