The dilemma of life,
If God made man ,who made God.
I know God has no end and most
Certainly no beginning,
But who he made me denies me the
Ability to grasp all that.

If disobedience occurred in the heavens,
What guarantee is there that we really are eternal beings, and that in the kingdom to come, we shall forever live in joy.
Truth be told Christ is that guarantee,
Still that doesn’t help fully answer the questions.

But another truth, and one we never doubt is death. Somehow all of life can remain meaningless despite our effort to make it count,
And whether it’s pleasing or not,
It’s God alone that makes life meaningful,
It’s to Him alone that we should turn,
The God of everything.

It’s in him that we will trust,
And he says though shalt live eternally,
And that this life shall count for something, we wisely agree.
We believe because he said it,
After all, we know that when a robot goes,
“Emotions, can’t compute, system
failure, “in our fantasies, doesn’t mean emotions ain’t real.

And nature testifies there’s a maker,
Who is a gazillion times better than us,
So we fulfill our soul’s longing , and worship the name above every other name. And even today, He goes an extra mile to prove He is real ,even when logic says He can’t be real. All nature must say ,”We worship you , Lord.”