Lord, help me ,
To trust only in you
For my daily bread.

Help me , to not be so grumpy all the time,
To get rid of bitterness ,
To see the beauty around me.

Remind me that strength comes from you
And so does every blessing
From all of my hard work.

Lord, let me not to be weary,
But cast my burden unto you
Because you promised to carry it.

Remind me to laugh at simple things,
Tell silly jokes, And be a little
Unserious every once in a while.

Teach me to listen to the younger people,
To know that their story matters
Just as much as mine.

Help me know that though
They are not burdened with
Having to earn a living,
They are still just as weary

More importantly, help me remember,
That it maybe so hard at forty,
But life was hard even at sixteen.