I finally watched the movie, how thrilling. I mean it was such a touching and beautiful story but I understood why some people didn’t like it much.

I know Jesus Christ wasn’t the main Character but the incorporations of Christ that they made were so misleading. I hope no one is crazy enough to consider their tale true. Also a tale where Christ ain’t the central figure ain’t my ideal tale, why include Him at all.

It’s quite easy to notice the touching story doesn’t fit into the Christ tale. I mean during Jesus’ time, Rome wasn’t trying to take over Jerusalem, Rome was already ruling in Jerusalem and had been for a long time. They had spent forty years building the Jerusalem temple and they were not considered a threat. Jews were already paying taxes to Rome and the Pharisees and teachers of the law were getting along well with Rome, you can’t see that in Ben Hur.

First, I don’t see Jesus Christ being needy for attention like in the first scene he is shown in Ben Hur . I don’t see him getting involved in a conversation out of the blue , a conversation where he won’t be taken seriously. In the Bible, when Jesus talked, it wasn’t to be taken lightly. He talked either to people who approached Him or His followers or people interested in what He had to say. Those who rejected Him and almost stoned Him when He was talking to them did it in the temple, in the house of prayer, God’s place of Worship. Jesus had rights to be in that place.

I don’t see Jesus stepping in to save a man from being stoned and trying to protect the man and being hit in the process. Not that it’s impossible or that Christ wouldn’t do that. But when the ministry of Jesus begun, he mattered, He was always noticed wherever he went, if he were in a place, people would first ask if it’s acceptable to stone before starting to throw stones,in a way, Jesus was a leader even when He was never interested in Roman politics and Church politics.

Then the bit where Jesus stepped in and gave Judah Ben Hur water. I don’t see the possibility of Jesus being caught up in such a scenario. It could have never happened. Plus , wherever Jesus went during his ministry, he was followed by thousands, those in need of healing and many others. If Jesus is being followed by thousands,how would that scenario have happened. A scenario in which Jesus can’t help a person, odd , but I don’t see it happening. In a way there was peace during the time Jesus walked on this earth. God chose the times himself.

Oh, then there’s that crucifixion. It was a fairly good depiction in the movie but first of all, Jesus’death wasn’t primarily a political issue, the Romans didn’t feel threatened. The Pharisees and teachers of the law felt threatened. Jesus’ trial went through phases. And the people He walked with shouted, Crucify Him. It was no minor event. When he walked on the face of the earth, everyone noticed Him. Everyone talked of Him. The Roman soldiers reached out to Him for healing. The Pharisees spied on Him. The Roman leader feared Him. The Ben Hur tale doesn’t seem to show all that.

If the Ben Hur tale was just an honest tale of a man struggling during the time Jesus’ walked on the earth and a family facing alot, that tale would still be false and a lie. It’s a movie I really wouldn’t recommend to anybody ever . I mean it’s a fantasy or thriller, I doubt those dangerous games really took place in history even . But a fantasy in which you include the Redeemer, and moreso depict Him in that manner, is an awful tale. It just feels like fantasy crossing the line, I don’t even know what to call it. It’s one thing if your movie is about a Bible Character like Samson or David,then you can incorporate as many lies as you please but if that tale is about Jesus Christ, you are crossing the line.

I have dealt with this issue before because I watch alot of movies, it’s crazy in a Vampire tale when you listen to a dialogue where someone says, I’m my own light in my world and in a way you are sure it’s just an attack on the gospel of John where Jesus said I’m the light of the world. My wording ain’t even good enough ,the author clearly makes sure you can grab that hint by using the exact wording of the verses somehow.

I know Christ is for all nations so to me it’s fine when people ridicule Him, make stupid jokes like modern Jesus ,draw silly pictures , insult Him, it’s okay so I don’t quite understand why this is just more frustrating and unacceptable? But I know what matters is the Truth. I guess I was really just bothered because I watched it with my little brother and he didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, I mean why would he even notice?