Usually for me what gives Jesus Christ first place is that He is real and Superman isn’t , but I guess that person has set a challenge for me to look at it differently.

So I have watched Superman before, obviously. I have watched the serie, Smallville,the movie,and even the cartoon series. This superhero can truly be Charming.

But real life ain’t all about thieves around the corner , murderers, creeps etc. Worse still ,there won’t be a General Zord attacking us from the sky or some other creature that will put the fate of all of life on planet earth at stake. And life is not always about all of humanity and the planet.

Alot of times it’s about us, our jobs, our families ,our friends,out responsibilities. Alot of times the battles we are fighting are fear ,failure, hopelessness, depression. Most of our battles are inner battles ,struggles of who we are, what life really means ,whether we are worthy or even have a place anywhere. Those inner battles could be addictions that are keeping us from fulfilling our duty. I don’t know ,has there ever been an episode of our flying friend helping someone battle maybe even something physical like cancer, can he always be there.

You know, in the Bible,our greatest enemy is not exactly the devil even when it’s the devil , it’s sin. Life is all about God and we have fallen short of the glory of our creator. That’s why we need redemption. But humanity just wants to question, is God even real. We wanna rebel so much and we have gotten so far that we don’t even think we need a Saviour. I guess in a way even Church has somehow become like the Law, it’s there mostly to show us that we are sinners ,in need of redemption and it is not a place where the redeemed gather like it’s supposed to be. I guess alot of times sinners have to go so low and fail so bad at the altar of their sin before even noticing they fall short of the Glory of the Holy one and that it’s all about Him, every breath we take, it’s all about Him . So yes, it’s all about God no matter now scary that sounds.

I mean people actually think what keeps religion going is fear and the threats of eternal damnation ,hell etc But religion is primarily a pagan idea and philosophy and I doubt they had a hell to use as a threat for people to stay, it was in an odd way, about community, not about God and that’s where it fell short alot of times before the extras of idol worship,human sacrifices, etc.

Wait,this should be about our flying hero, saviour of the world from aliens, Lex Luther and that other imaginary stuff, an imaginary hero saves from imaginary stuff obviously,they create him something to match his powers. It’s the way fantasies work.

But yes, I totally understand how someone born and raised in a brutal religion can think that way. Yes, I too while attending Church and choir alot of times in the Roman Catholic Church,would rather cry for Superman like when he died in the movie Batman V SuperMan than drop a tear over that Messiah on the cross, somehow I could say he meant alot to me and at the same time,never even notice him . In a way, I never noticed the Cross, never did it occur to me that He was there because of my sin even while I sung about it so I understand his sentiments. Christ in Church was in a way a fantasy hero for me,never a reality and I never had to face Him as such.

As for the claim that Christ doesn’t love unconditionally, my dear,if you still care for the truth, you need to leave Church ,I know the benefits of Church but what use is it if you don’t really know Christ. Know the real Truth about Christ. This person is so misinformed about Christ.

But that flying fantasy hero cannot rival Christ, a fantasy world is nothing but silly dreams so while you are at it, imagine you are Superman himself too or atleast Lewis Lane, you don’t wanna be Lex Luther or the poor fella who blows up in the building when Superman turns up late.

You know in some song,whenever I heard them sing, no kingdom,no power,no rival,no equal can stand against the great IAM , I would wonder what they meant by no rival and ask isn’t that the same as no equal. No rival actually means no enemy but it also means no one close enough to equal him,like if it was kick boxing,after assessing the opponent and weighing him etc ,he wouldn’t qualify for the fight. That’s the same for any heroes out there, fictional or non fictional.

If you haven’t watched Superman,please don’t watch it, ever. And this is really just about that link.