Flowers are quite a beauty in the world,
They are of different shades and shapes,
Some blue,white,pink ,red
Others yellow and purple.
We have come to stop and admire them.

They did become symbols soon,
Of love,romance and death,
All in our various stories.
And they are a blessing
We give them to our dear ones,
Lovers,patients,and the departed .

What is more ,the most famous is a rose
And for it, different shades represent different things as they come in various colours. I guess red roses symbolise romance but given it’s colour of blood,even death. White ones symbolise love and friendship.
I wonder what other colours represent.
I guess different colours mean different things , to the different people in different societies.

We give bouquets for the living,
And wreaths are beautifully made for the dead. Crowns are also made from flowers.
But my messiah wore no flower crown ,
But only that of thorns.
Corsages endow the hands of girls at parties and wreaths make our doors look festive during Christmas.

Who can tell the various kinds of flowers we have or even how so faithfully they have served us. They make trees look so beautiful
The world is surely a better place with them around
Their beauty we look on with awe.

This makes me stop and realize, they are one of the most amazing blessings God has bestowed upon us.
We hardly even get to know their names , yet ,they again and again make us stop in admiration. The beautiful horizons ,sunsets ,dawn ,glittering stars
We can’t reach ,oceans ,blue skies,
All we admire less, compared to flowers.

We hold them ,smell them ,stare at them
They blossom and then there’s our chance,
We play with them,sell them ,buy them,destroy them,etc
But they keep growing,and we keep on being amazed and doing the best to destroy those tender beauties.
I wonder why YHWH created such beautiful things to last for such a short while and yet make so huge a difference.

# The flowers are all a courtesy of p-interest .