I read this blog about whether God is a murderer because of the murders in Egypt ? I mean I have never thought of it that way. But you might wanna consider Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s story, the wars Israel fought etc etc. Yes, God accepted alot of innocent deaths to me and that ain’t a big deal, the author of life,giver and sustainer can take that life when he pleases. It’s just not what I will be talking about today .

I want to talk about Christianity. In every religion,I assume,there are good people,the holier than thous and the bad guys . So it is with Christianity,though we rather say the good guys are not holy or better but they are definitely the chosen ones, which kinda looks like the same thing.

But in a muslim trial or Hindu trial, Adolf Hitler would go to hell and Mahatma Ghandi ,heaven,fair trial right there . Or these religions could say they are not in a position to make those judgements.

But in Christianity, it’s a different story. In a trial,both Mahatma Ghandi and Adolf Hitler would go to hell. I’m not saying Christians are more eager to judge , But;

 Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.St. John 3:36                 Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again. "St. John 3:3               Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.St. John 14:6

So, considering that, the man we believe good and sacrificial,the beloved Mahatma Ghandi, might just not be in eternity forever with God. Same applies for Nelson Mandela, Buddha , Prophet Muhammad, Abraham Lincoln etc etc. Okay I love some of these great men and I don’t wanna be using them as an example .

All these amazing men who humanly speaking would obviously qualify, wouldn’t because they probably didn’t know Christ, probably. Okay this already feels extreme .

Issue is , God chose Abraham,a man whose weaknesses we can so easily find, then Isaac, then Jacob and the twelve sons. It’s one thing when God chooses a man, another thing when that man becomes a Nation,when God chooses an entire Nation. I mean don’t you think he should maybe have chosen Rome which would have stopped alot of bloodshed, or maybe Iraq,I mean Musilms are so loyal to Allah. But no matter which Nation God chose,they were doomed to fail as a theocracy.

So God chooses Israel, now Israel is alot of people, for instance King Jehu ,who slaughters an entire lineage, Korah ,who rises against Moses or Ahab who leads to the massacre of many prophets. At the time God rescued Israel from Egypt, there must have been alot of disgusting sinners in Israel. Moses was a murderer. So yes,all people, including the Egyptians belong to God but He chose Israel. And like many ruthless murderers and maybe rapists were rescued among the people of Israel, many innocents and really good people perished among the Egyptians,the sons payed for the Sins of the Fathers, something God detests. And though we know He never changes, He doesn’t owe us an explanation as to why it had to be done that way . But out of love,he can offer it and sadly I’m not answering that either.

But God is love ,yes, but you can never forget He is also a Judge. This is the fate of humanity, God created us for worship and when we turn from Him and think we can serve the gods we please, even though those gods be goodliness , we will be condemned to death. The penalty of Sin is death. Humanity has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,does that ring a bell

When men nolonger sought after God, he chose a Nation,set them apart and made a deal with them , he as always bought them at an expensive price,in slavery ,the first born sons of their enemies perished, he promised safety , he stopped the Sun and it rained food just for them, And in exchange for the protection ,food,and everything else, literally everything God gives us, they were to serve Him alone, a thing plenty of pagan Nations did for false gods but one Chosen Nation couldn’t do for the Almighty,God alone. They were to love their neighbors and live in harmony but they broke all rules and forgot that there were repurcussions for that.

We never try to say there are good and bad people. All are sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God and the penalty due is death. But those who believe in Christ are saved by the blood of the Holy One,Of the lamb. Just like the Passover in Egypt, safety didn’t lie in being the kindest or nicest fellow in town, but on a door covered in a Lamb’s blood,as simple as that. The line drawn is simply between Worshippers and Sinners!

I guess the big question of humanity should be, Why is the penalty death?can’t it be anything else? How could God doom the whole World to death, is he really love? But I doubt we would be too crazy to ask that?

Ofcourse there are million dollar questions like, What’s heaven like, Is it worth us losing earth over? What will God do about all those babies who are aborted and those who die so little unable to understand anything? Do those little ones really deserve judgment? And what about the people who have never heard the gospel? And why didn’t Jesus come way earlier? What did God have to offer before Christ, a covenant he was certain people would break? And how can all our good deeds go unrewarded,that will be so unfair? I honestly don’t think we have the answers to all the questions!

But I’m honored to fulfill the purpose I was created for, fellowship with the God of all Creation .