We talk of legacy
Family legacy ,
The values we will keep on,
The lessons our grandfather taught us.

How great our great grandmother was,
The precedence they set,
Our family tree,
All so beautiful.

The love they showed us,
The sacrifices they made for us
The great things they left us.

But sorry to break it to you,
All that is sand,
You can’t forget to build upon the rock.

This pains me so much,
I can’t tell why,
Maybe I had an amazing lineage.

But all that is like sand,
When the storms come,
All is lost,
You don’t want
To build your house once more.

Build only on the firm foundation,
The Rock of calvary,
The lion and the lamb.

What’s even more,there are no perfect lineages, The perfect lamb of God, is descended from King David too. And He wasn’t perfect.

If lineage mattered,
The lamb of God
Would never have died for the world.