I am a woman, I got to write about this in a way . I got into a fight with a few friends over the equality between men and women issue. First of all, that was uncalled for. Two, I hated how one of them didn’t listen to me at all but then I figured I didn’t listen to him either. You know, even if men really did have a special position over us ,would it matter. I understand why this guy thinks they do, I mean it’s his thing, he forms absolutes in his mind like the claim that blacks are servants of whites and the whites are superior, he believes that. I think I wouldn’t believe that even if I wasn’t Christian.

But I would agree with him that husbands ought to have Authority over their wives in a marriage covenant because without that order can’t be kept in the household , but if that Authority means I can’t be a judge because my husband happens to be an advocate ,a lawyer working with some company, then I can never get married ,I can’t have my dreams shattered or my hopes lost. I can’t lose the desire to keep going even when it’s just vanity. I can’t lose my opportunity to work.

Point is this equality drama is silly because we are all in the same boat. Each has battles to fight, each has moments of strength and moments of weakness, happy days and hopeless days. Each can cry tears of much sorrow. Men and women both fight to guard their hearts when they know the importance of that. Who can deny this?

Both can die tomorrow, end up hopelessly on their deathbed or sick in hospital unable to do anything about their pain, each knows quite well how to hide their tears, how to be so proud ,so full of themselves. Each know how to be so immature and never grow up. Women can serve you for quite selfish reasons which is for me still immature . Each knows how to do the needful sometimes and be reckless and so selfish other times. Both have a fighting spirit, they will fight for their children’s education, turns out most fights are not about physical strength, they don’t happen that way.

Each can feel pain. Both desire love, and respect. Though men actually sometimes tend to think only they can have respect, but that’s a prejudice of mine. I don’t claim equality. I don’t condone superiority. I’m just of the notion than we are in the same fight, and should complement each other’s great qualities quite often instead of trying to prove who is better. It’s after all true that we are uniquely different in some ways.

But I don’t let go of women emancipation, just like many don’t make politics none of your business. Waking up and finding I have lost my freedom completely is a threat I keep in mind. We have fought so hard just for the opportunity to be heard, to be noticed not just as beautiful but as brilliant and creative, we have come so far to lose that.

People are selfish and alot of times, they don’t notice other people, ever. But when this happens to you because you happen to be a female or because you happen to be black, it hurts alot more than if it did because you haven’t gone to school and I cannot understand why?

But what if there is another side to the story, what if the black American men who complain so much of discrimination due to colour commonly discriminate between the rich and the poor using the same tool, looks ,I know they could say this is different but have you thought that maybe one’s poverty is quite as undeserved as your dark skin? Anyway, what if we found out that women emancipation is just a pitiful cycle we had trapped ourselves into ? But just for a moment,what matters is that women are sometimes prejudiced against basing on gender and there is no term for that like there’s one for racism. But I’m still left to wonder,are men also discriminated sometimes basing on gender but even as I ask this, I’m not so curious about the LGBT movement. Men and women will continue to face discrimination in various ways , that term is here to stay, and it’s truly only when the discrimination is faced by a large group that we try to find a way out. But you will face it even on your own. Christians are most certainly discriminated against alot.

Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts? James 2:2-4