Courtesy of p-interest. (I guess I should add,we Christians definitely don’t think they are mythical creatures.)

Humans will see worthlessness, But the eternal beings will only see the glory of God. They will see the Ones for whom the greatest price was paid, they will see kings and queens.

The Servants of the Uncreated One will gladly serve at our feet. They will see beauty and honour beyond what we can see. They see the image of God and they are amazed and awed.

The Allies of the Lord of the Universe will likewise see glory, great potential. And they will hate man for that, their jealousy will rise. After they fell ,they became worthless, and man falls and God pays the greatest price in the Galaxy to have Him back. They will want to steal and destroy you for that.

I think the pathetic view of angels looking at us and getting irritated , disappointed and mad is a lie because they are eternal beings, though they might not possibly see everything God sees, they will always see things differently. But again,this is just my opinion, we can’t look at all beings in our perspective as though they were men, God definitely isn’t, He is above Everything, even man.