That’s actually a natural and universal law, you will worship whatsoever matters most to you,you will talk of it most, magnify it most. The world is immersed in all sorts of things, one will talk of perfumes like you can’t live without them, another will talk of football like it’s bigger than life and it’s what keeps them going. Another will immerse themselves in the world of movies, know of all characters,trends and what Hollywood is up to next. That’s just what we do, we magnify things as pleases us. And at the end of the long talk of the English Premier league,someone adds that life is short and you should enjoy it. Sorry for spoiling the fun but it isn’t short, after death you will stand before The Throne of the Creator for Judgment and better be ready then.

We Christians are called to Magnify God, in human terms, to be obsessed with God, Passionate about God, spend most of out time seeking after him. We are called so that after the long talk of the Hollywood stars, we should say my life purpose is to Worship God and when all is said and done, let me be found Worshipping. I don’t know if I’m right on this one but I usually think this means we should be more interested in ministry,faith, charity , helping others and bible study. I usually think instead of spending time talking of the various perfume brands, we are summoned to spend time talking of the Only one who gives Fragrance to All things and adore him even in the midst of all these perfume bottles.

It’s like I always expect one to be playing a gospel song in their shop or to see a poster that says ,Jesus is King . I know only men do judge basing on the outside and God will be searching our Heart , yet still I hope to see visuals, and I’m in a dilemma because I don’t know whether it’s what God asks of us or it’s just my religious spirit craving it.

We are taught that what we will speak out is what our heart is full of so naturally if our heart is full of God,we should speak of God. But some friends of mine have made it feel impolite to always speak of God like we are not to carry thought of him into out daily dialogues. And it’s all just so confusing. I know no one is about to demand this but if we have come to God, won’t it follow that our Romantic and Detective novels will be replaced with Christian novels. Or that our secular movies might be replaced with Christian movies, (though I have sort of failed to do that for now, but the battle continues on) . Shouldn’t our secular and alot of times immoral songs be replaced with Christian God Glorifying gospel songs? Or indecent clothes with decent ones? After all it will nolonger be about what people might think or our moral ethics or family tradition but about God’s Will and God’s pleasure. Maybe the decision ought to be left to us ?

I’m not thinking of an enclosed kind of life or leaving reality behind or something like that. You will still go to work and continue with all the other stuff and it’s more of a question between you and God only. Maybe it should always stay only between you and God, I don’t know ?