The God of Israel is the Maker of the Universe.

I used to think it so rude that for Christ,a muslim would have to give up religion, probably family and almost a way of life. But then I realized Christianity is all about taking the Right Turn for the first time. From it’s very beginning, God has demanded that much.

Do you know how much a passionate Jew like Paul had to give up ? His position in society, His religion, probably many of his friends, a good reputation worldly speaking ,most of what he had learnt his entire life , his pride and his freedom. Paul was more like the Islam Jihardists , so religious that he persecuted Christians, so we can’t imagine how much he gave up. And on the plus side, everything he gave up doesn’t even come close in worth to what he gained.

The branches are all rooted in Christ alone, or they cease to be, God is making one tree, not ten.

There’s no group of people that started out Christian after all, the disciples started out Jewish and only the people who have been born in Christian families have had a fair ground . There’s always a before Christ and a lot of times , it’s humanly speaking, seemingly better. I mean it’s better when we are blind, because then we don’t see the darkness we are headed into.