He thinks it’s all about the money, With millions,a huge house, fancy cars, a trophy wife , a great job, all will be well.

And she told me it’s all about relationship, with a wealthy loving man, fancy gifts and being desired, topped off with everyone’s admiration, She can fully nurture and serve , and She will have it all.

Others say with straight A’s and first class degrees , no one will be disappointed with you and at last you own the World, you are Educated and all is always well.

For seekers of fame and power, A million people they believe are paying attention to them is all they do desire for their full life. Sometimes that’s what all desire, for people to look on them with envy and admiration, but Where do you put Yourself ?

But besides ignorant admiration, no one comes out to say the dream of Ultimate Happiness is Achievable that way.

But I’m putting my Faith in the Lord of the Universe, the One who gives all living things breath and Sustains the Universe. In his presence, I know I have it all.

So why do they believe I’m more pathetic and unbelievable?