The grave sight.

For me, it’s an irony, the compound of a man who had four wives and approximately eighteen children is empty.

Well, with that many wives, you are not really faithfully trying at all odds to love that one woman, so how many of his wives actually miss him. Carrie Underwood’s black cardillacs does make sense.

Did he really spend time with any one of his children actually, what was the use of having them. No wonder none lives in his compound. Why create differences in the place where love for others begins.

But they all have reminders of him, besides land as inheritance. My dad has a strong metallic Trunk, an old wooden case with old x-ray photos and his walking stick. But what else is left ?

I love my grandpa, but I think his family choices are questionable !

Family is an institution we walk into with greater grace.

Also, rumour says China has a two kids policy, now I can’t stop wondering how one man had over eighteen children and we are not as populated as they are .