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In years past, it would have been easy to explain why it had to be a blood sacrifice , why death on the Cross for atonement.


But in this era, people are not keeping slaves , carrying whips and wishing babies would be crashed. It’s not that we are better , we are equally murderers and murders entertain us on our televisions. We keep guns , bombs and pangas and serial murders are all around us. But we are a generation of the Educated , the Self Righteous.

They plan on saying, he was crucified and laid behind the stone is disgusting and the Act Cannot Save them. But they should be afraid, because they will die because of it. There’s no other Name that can save.


But for people who think they have all things together, salvation is far from their seeking. My question is why the Blood, why is it Blood that saves, Why sacrifice. In a way , it’s not just Sacrifice, it’s atonement. And the wages of Sin is Death So He had to go All the Way To Atone. This was the Son of God On That Cross.

The cross stands across all time ( Pinterest)

Gloriana said it would be immoral to believe that her sins can be forgiven by the torture and death of Another. One person once said the One Thing You can’t Do at the Cross is Pity. Out there is the Son of God who can destroy all his torturers in a split Second afterall. I wonder though, does Gloriana know that that Torture and Death is what she Deserves . The Maker of the Universe is no dictator, He has Given Us Free Will, But he is A Judge. So, does she Know He is getting what She ought to be getting because for me, that would put things in Perspective.


The mystery of blood is Unfathomable. It’s beyond our Wisdom. But for now, we do know that God said Life is in the Blood. And the Wages of Sin is Death. It had to be blood because that’s the Punishment we deserve and whoseover atones, carries on our entire Punishment.