For nature lovers and all. This song is forever amazing. And thank God for the last stanza. One time while continuing with the song translation, someone accidentally said Thy was my . Clearly , Thou , Thy , Thee are translated , You , Your , You. So how great thou art can be How great You are and The works thy hand hath made can be the works your hand has made and God to thee can be God To You. But it always feels more enchanting when the thee ,thou and thy are left that way.

In Choir one time,my Liturgy teacher ( By then I was still Roman Catholic) , agreed that the song had gotten boring and a few changes were made,it was sung Faster and alittle bit of the beat and flow slightly changed too, I’m not much of a music person , but I still prefer the slow version, it’s the most enchanting, descriptive and it helps us Meditate on How Nature Shows the Greatness of God.