Am broken, but not gracefully, am lost , something is shattered, if they had called me worthless , it would be different, but they treated me as worthless,

And Father , you let it happen, you didn’t tell them my worth , you didn’t come to my rescue ,

But am coming to you , because you are my Father , you are my lover , because you are a beautifier , because you can restore all things , because it’s all about you , because am here for your glory

Won’t my King come when the enemy locks me up ? Won’t my Prince weep when someone tears me apart ? Won’t my shepherd seek now that am lost ? Won’t my Savior cover me ? Won’t my Father honour me again ?

Am waiting only for the Lion Am adoring only the Lamb Am weeping only at the throne of Glory.

Mock me not , enemy , He paid the price of His Life for mine , He is rescuing me , and the earth is yet to pay it’s price.

In the midst of the storms of life we will either allow what we are experiencing to influence our view of God, or we will allow our view of God to influence what we are experiencing.

The True measure of a man by Richard E Simmons 111.

I bless you prison—I bless you for being in my life—for there lying on rotting prison straw, I learned the object of life is not prosperity as I had grown up believing, but the maturing of the soul.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn