Faith , Hope and Emilly.
You are a kind soul ,                                Wishing only that you be a loving mother      You desire that after all your hard work         You will one day give the world to your child.       You swear , that all your hardwork is to prepare for the day you will have a dear one  of your own. Your life summed up in one desire, to be a mother.
How do i tell you they are empty dreams ? 
You desire a love so deep
A lover who gives their all
Who desires to honour you
Who sends you a rose flower
Each day with a reminder
That only you have they loved.
But you agree, that if he can't be found
You will be fine still
As you hold your child ,
Your everything.
Everyone is a worshipper
But you don't believe so.
Atleast you might agree
That everyone uses words of worship
When they say its my everything
Its all i will ever want
Or that i will lay down my life
To keep safe what i desire.
Why do you worship a child
You haven't birthed yet ,friend ,
Why do you say that when you finally are
A mother , you will give everything for that child
Why say all your hardwork is for one that doesn't live yet
I have heard you my friend, say that 
You wouldn't watch while God took
Your child away , that not even heaven
Could claim that the Child wasn't yours but theirs
What if heaven never does grant you the grace to carry a child , will you then not be a mother ?
Motherhood could be honourable but worship was meant only for God Almighty. Reality tells me that if heaven does grant your desire , in a few years you will have to remember that the Child you were blessed with belongs to another  while the dear one wages a war of Independence from you , I pray that by then you will know to whom every breath really belongs and you will have taught the one you've loved that only sacred and everlasting truth !