This is a group of talented poets and musicians at campus that i had recently joined. I wrote some poems on their various topics but didn’t get to share them with everyone, probably due to fear or something, but i figured i could share them here.

Love is a one way street
I don’t mean to sound archaic
But I find , I wouldn’t have much to offer if I sought after him
I would rather he gives his heart first
Even with the odds not in his favour
Many have sought to eradicate the sexes,
But gender does exist.

We all know he says
he’s desired me and
my price he’s ready to pay ,
he takes a step and
waits for me to take mine

If I told him I had desired him ,
does that mean I would be
the one paying his price ,
will I be the one who proposes marriage ,
if that be his price ofcourse,

We sing a song of desire
And I love first place,
Yet now I so wish
That the male voice be the first
And a lady’s , only to complete
The harmony gracefully.

My heart I can give ,
And cupid’s arrow could strike ,
I might love one who hasn’t
asked for my heart.
But I won’t be giving it away still
If my heart so desired death ,
I have my will to stop me ,
We don’t play the heart’s game
If the mind is but disinterested.
Mine is still a heart sought after.

Men speak of sexuality with pride
I haven’t added my voice yet
To any other out there
But why would i ,
I don’t know much
But as far as tales do go
I do have my own tale too

Someday God will entrust you
With one of his own
To love and to cherish
For as long as you shall live

Isn’t that beautiful
But God is trusting you
With so much more
Why do we forget to mention
That you are entrusted with
Someone’s sexuality too ,
Only this person

We are sexual beings
But we are not animals
We are made in the image of the Maker
So our sexuality too is sacred

What if i be afraid of intimacy
What if i rather have such a high drive
What about a scary history

Now its not just about what I might be
But about loving another
And knowing how to be vulnerable
With them , because its not just about
My sexuality , suddenly, i have to protect
Another’s too , Yet still be a lover
With all that comes with being one.

So attracted to you,
But it’s probably just a nature call,
For my species to keep going ,
But now that I can nolonger think only of you , The time is past , and I got to answer ,
Was it love or lust , but then again ,
Maybe they do not differ ,
Could I say it was a bother ?
So much time was wasted ?
So many lies told ?
I said I couldn’t live without you,
What has changed?
Could it be that nature,
Was reminding me of a power bigger than I !
Of a cause I know nothing of !
Or maybe that all can be noble and beautiful
Someday when we can truly say we are one ?
But this I know, somebody out there,
Deserves to hear me say , “Only You “
And hearts still yearn,
For a love no man can satisfy

Candle lit dinners
A kiss in my palm
I am held in your arms
On a Saturday afternoon
Watching the stars together
Lying side by side
Raindrops on my face
Your arms around my waist
For me it’s a dream
For you a lie,
Because you might ask,
Why not go further ?
Now the time is gone
Commitments we’ve made
Am overwhelmed by mean friends
And assignments I got to finish
Am exhausted too
But we both know these are just excuses
Facing the truth ,
That the sight of you doesn’t make
My heart race ,that it’s not you
Am thinking of in the morning
Even while I awake beside you
Seems rather more harsh
Was it all a bother ?
It was fun while it lasted
Now that I love another
I feel like a liar
Have I only betrayed us
Or even my very self ?
I wasn’t told it could fade
I could say it was fun while it lasted
But they might snarl at me
But what if I told you
Am gonna keep my promise still
And taking walks every Sunday afternoon
Just me and you at an empty hill
Might awaken what we once had
Yet, if it didn’t, I would still be only yours
And yours alone ,
Maybe it doesn’t disappear
When we can still say we love !

For the poem above , i was trying to wonder whether marriage would make a difference, i mean people can’t stay in love forever , atleast not the way a relationship feels like at the onset i think , but we are expected to sustain love in marriage, to purpose to love even when our feelings are not helping out much. But i hope no one takes the kissing bit seriously, afterall, if you wish to maintain purity till marriage, you might have to choose never to kiss the person you are dating , we don’t play with fire.

Lights glowing
Flowers so beautiful
A groom awaits
Why have I denied him so
When for him alone my heart longs
Now the bride is shown
A bride I wish I would be
Now and forever
But today ain’t my day
Questions are posed
I can stop them even now
I know that to be true
Because even last night
He said he’s only
Desired me
Now the vows are made
I can wait nolonger
Not for their first kiss
Why have I waited this much
All lovers wish something was done
But maybe there’s nothing like destined
For you can’t be destined for all
My heart is sad , but dreaming I can’t stop
Am off to new ventures
I left for a free life
Going a thousand places
I can’t stop now
Even true lovers wouldn’t forgive
If I turned back now
And shattered the heart of a bride
A bride so tender
The beautiful and pure
A colour all adore
But it’s not the colour of passion
Oh the honourable bride
Could it be that we have longed
For broken hearts
For lovers who couldn’t stay
More than the lovers
For ever besides us.

This poem just reveals a common tendency for people to presume that being married to one person for as long as they live must be so exhausting and unromantic. Also, in high school, one of the last romance novels i read was about a woman who left the man she thought was the one meant for her because he wanted marriage , children , settling down and they loved each other but she wanted to travel around the globe , she left in his absence without saying goodbye and at the end , she wondered whether she had made the right choice but at the same time , she figured she had gotten her heart’s desire still. And when a friend performed a beautiful song about love that’s faded and a couple choosing to go separate ways, I wondered, what if they were married , had spent ten years with each other and had children , what then ? But like he said, we were all just selling our opinions, i don’t have all the answers , maybe no one does.