We work so hard, diligently seeking only after a decent living,a pay we deserve and have fought for, a house we so deserve, because we paid for the best schools, read all we could and justly accounted for our learning.
But our leaders drain all that, Nepotism at its highest as those of noble birth are given what they deserved not and paid not for, a crushing economy because theft is all our leaders are good for, taking of our sweat quite easily, while we rot in poverty and Failure.
We are afraid we might have to throw away our manners, to fight the unfair war unfairly because only then could it be fair. 
But what if all was well,                                 what if our leaders played their role well,                    what if we got what we worked for,  jobs that paid our dues , houses that were worth our sweat, the peace we think we deserve, then What? 
I will tell you, Then we would compete as always to rise above friends, then we would drink because the promised peace,honour ,decency, excellency still hasn't been delivered and we have shockingly discovered that the promise money made ,even of security was a lie and it was never going to be enough . Then we might drink and stay out late in the bars just for a little excitement in life , isn't that what our wealthy friends do ? Who can say they have it all? 
Amin Dada. ( Pinterest)
We think our sweat should win us a fair price but we forget that children are assaulted , many are sick , death is a reality and love is still an illusion we can't get to , Are we foolishly going to blame poverty for all the domestic violence ? Are we going to make our leaders our Saviours ? Justice in a world that doesn't know what that term even means ? 
Vanity , that's all it is,                                 And that's all it will ever be.
Our precious wishes for peace
In a world that's broken
Is but vanity
Don't you rather think it's time
We sought our answers
Not from disappointed leaders
But the Maker of Heaven and Earth Himself ?

Irrespective of how talented, attractive, intelligent, or wealthy you may be, life is difficult and full of struggles and pain. So many people live silently with broken dreams and broken lives.

The True Measure or a Man by Richard E Simmons