Because it’s all about God . Law because God is Holy , because God is righteousness , because it’s all About God.

Law is a very wide department, for those of us studying it in school, we have had to learn that the hard way. We have constitutional law , criminal law, contract law , tort. Then even more sub divisions like land , family , human rights , administration of authority or powers like we usually say , children , oil and gas , witch craft , etc

Obviously besides protecting people abit , administering justice , punishing those who wrong others , we also know that law is for dispute resolution , for handling issues like I wasn’t paid enough , they unjustly fired me , that land belongs to me , he threatened me , I was cheated , etc. And obviously the remedies like either someone has to pay with money , a jail term or death or I have to get back what’s mine or be compensated. And then there’s the legal jargon , the laws we make , whether judge made or Parliament made, they are the laws we make , on top of the legal maxims or rather latin maxims etc. Law is alot of things ofcourse, but the world doesn’t revolve around it.

But it all always goes back to who God is. He is Just , He is the law giver, I mean Pastor Rick Warren in the book The Purpose Driven Life did note that life is a test . And He is ultimately the Judge of Humanity.

Law because life is not all about enough money , a boat cruise or a legacy or partying, law because it’s all about God. Law because the Maker holds us up to His standard, Law because he made us for a purpose, and when we destroy what we were created to preserve, somebody is got to pay. Law because life is all about growth in Character and when we are corrupted, we might become unworthy of the King and then we will lose our very selves , we will lose our souls.

In my first year of school, i did learn about the separation of powers and that power is not vested into the Executive branch of government alone but three different branches which therefore control the use of power amongst each other to protect the citizens. In life , its right that we fear vesting so much power in one person.

Power will intoxicate the best hearts,as wine the strongest heads. No man is wise enough, nor good enough to be trusted with unlimited power.


But in real life we do not credit the monarchy that much , i mean Kings ultimately holding power has been seen to produce very disastrous results . Yet , God’s Kingdom is a Monarchy , not a democracy. God is King over all and He has the final say. But God is also Holy , Just , Incorruptible , Merciful , Saviour , Sustainer . He is the very heart of all that lives.

You could bring up the theocracy but that’s God incharge on earth with various representatives but when God is finally the real Ruler of the Universe , it will rather be like a Monarchy actually. But it will also be the Kingdom eternal , the Kingdom of God , the place we long for but can neither imagine nor envision. It will probably have a new name too. All things will finally be all about God , the real Centre of it all. I know our perishing souls do feel alittle jealous and angry that He gets to be the center , how so little wisdom we have that we can forget such truths when our very lives are just temporary assignments and we are here today and gone tomorrow.

Our laws are a shadow of the perfect law of God that we have only glimpsed into alittle. I only mentioned the Monarchy because when God does speak , no one will be able to answer. Let’s play that ” Is God real” and “How can he allow suffering” game while we still have time on earth , except , why waste so much time. If something doesn’t move us closer to the heart of God , why even see it ?

When Job wept ,why the afflictions, he was wise enough to remember Who the Centre of it all is and he said , “May the name of the Lord Be Praised. ” I pray we too learn to praise the Worthy one no matter what comes our way.

The entire cosmos can
be understood only in relation to God.

Charles Colson.