I wanna be your friend
We could say because you seem rich
But i wouldn’t have my poverty revealed
I wanna be a friend
Because many do see you
I do wish I too could grab
Some of that attention
And have them take me at my word
Why’s building your own reputation
Harder than i thought it would be ?

But you won’t let me
You have forgotten my name three times
My face too and you won’t
Give me the attention I crave
But getting this close to you
Must be so hard , afterall
Thousands adore you
But i rather don’t even think
You are worth it , but i won’t ever let
Let you know that

Being twenty is such a test
You live in an illusion that
Its all about wealth and popularity
And that you better play the game well
Get acquintances in high places
Even when wisdom shouts every second
That its all vanity
You hardly hear

Now that am away from the noise
A quiet voice whispers ,
Your rich friend , your popular friend
Is the neighbour right beside you
They are the one you passionately fight for
Aren’t I the One you want to get closer to
Isn’t it my wealth you wish to share in
And isn’t it my influence you value most
Popularity with me above all
Daughter of the most High
Find Wisdom , know that it’s Only Jesus.