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Wait, the story of Abel and Cain and that of Jacob and Esau are so similar. In both the farmer seems jealous of the hunter or livestock keeper. But in one, the hunter is the chosen one , his sacrifice is accepted and the farmer murders his brother. In the other, the farmer is the thief, he steals his brother’s birth right cunningly but it’s over a bowl of soup which sort of means the elder didn’t value it that much, then he steals his brother’s blessing.

In the first , the elder takes from the younger. In the second,they are kinda twins but the younger takes from the elder . It’s just, until recently,I didn’t know Cain was rejecting God when instead of apologizing or talking to God about his sacrifice,he killed his brother,and yes,like I have read recently, rejection by God would hurt alot more.

Later she gave birth to his brother Abel. Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil.
In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the LORD.
And Abel also brought an offering โ€”fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering,
but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast. Genesis 4: 2-5.

The boys grew up, and Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the open country, while Jacob was content to stay at home among the tents.Genesis 25:27

Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.Genesis 25:34

Jacob and Esau. (Pinterest)

After Isaac finished blessing him, and Jacob had scarcely left his fatherโ€™s presence, his brother Esau came in from hunting. Genesis 27:30

It’s also amusing to note that in the Bible, livestock keeping was done in the very beginning. And hunting alittle later.

Fun farming activities.

Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t exactly think fun is a part of farming. Except for the stories and jokes in the garden. A television free place where me and my siblings talk about, well television shows. Or we tell stories from books we have read , we don’t tell life stories because the last time I told a story of how I had missed my taxi stop in Mukono and gone till Kampala on my way to school, my mum was pretty mad. But that’s not the only time a story went bad , I take forever to learn. But the other fun thing is the proud one feels because you have done alot of work, the kind that sometimes makes us competitive in the garden.


I stay in the village, but not as someone on a vacation or a tourist or any of that stuff. It’s where my home is. I’m not exactly going to talk about villages but farming. In my village,that’s something you just have to do. It’s a survival tool.

I didn’t start digging at a very young age like most children really do and I don’t think I deserved that. But as a child,I remember how fun it was to go to the garden with my dad, me and my siblings would literally just sit in the garden and tell stories and when we got tired,my dad would ask us to go back home while he continued digging. Then we would rub soil all over our feet so we can tell my mum we were digging, I don’t know why we did that .

But I think I should add, when children are digging,it usually isn’t child labour or abuse but their own choice. I remember how I used to carry a huge 20 litre jerry can when I was eleven, now that I’m soon making 20, I can’t carry it,it’s just too heavy. One time I was out digging till 2pm in the hot sun and my mum started saying people will say they are torturing me so I should stop but I was okay with it, It was hard work but the earlier you learn that,the easier your burden will be, actually it was my fault for being so slow at digging that the others always finished their parts before me, buy I enjoyed being out there alone, I would pray, sing ,recite a verse I had read,have my breakfast there and sit in the shade whenever I got so tired,

Now since digging is kinda out of necessity, no one grows roses, in Uganda, flowers are not something anybody can buy and take for a lover or patient, usually it’s just food. But that’s mostly only in my village in the east and I don’t know any lovers actually, I rarely move around and I don’t have that many friends here.

The garden before being cleared, now slashing has been done.

For us, mostly we plant maize and ground nuts. Now maize is easy to plant, I have done that since I was a kid. Someone mows the land using oxen, another digs holes,we drop in around three seeds and cover the soil up with our feet. And do it all fast. Harvesting is actually also easy . It gets harder only when you have to thresh the maize, (or remove it from it’s cob because I’m not so sure thresh is the word for that activity) using your hands. That’s after it’s dried. But if it’s alot,a machine is brought in.

Or favorite of the three goats at home.

But when it comes to ground nuts, the first activity I did was removing them from the plant. Then obviously unshelling , and sadly pounding the gnuts in a mortar, it’s like we all hate doing that, pounding. But planting gnuts is hard, after the mowing,the grass has to be removed and it’s probably burnt. Then the place is properly prepared, the planting is done by those digging, they use small hoes to dig a tiny hole ,put in the gnuts then cover ,the gnuts are planted closer and sometimes not even in proper lines like maize, and most of the work is done bending. So far I haven’t participated in that. But when they are later dry, after the tiring process of bringing them outside and then bringing them back in, they are sometimes unshelled using a machine. For now, my siblings and I are unshelling an entire sack using our hands,we are half way.

Beans and peas.

But we also plant cassava( the sour cassava is dried and used for making cassava flour which is then used for making pancakes) , and sweet potatoes and most recently, peas . My mum might just need peas so she can make sambusa’s one more time. Then beans (these are eaten fresh and some dried for eating later), bananas, rice in the swamps( rumour has it that that’s so hard but I have never done it) . People used to plant millet( our staple food though I don’t know how to mingle it and it’s quite hard to eat so I don’t like it much, but it’s porridge is amazing) and also cotton but now they rarely plant that. In my grandpa’s village,there were coffee plantations but it’s been forever since I went there so I don’t know if they still have those.

Neighboring maize garden,it wasn’t doing well so the the place was dug and something else put ๐Ÿ˜”.

Ofcourse we also have greens but those are like never planted, they just happen most of the time, like good weeds. Then pumpkins ,which also just seem to happen, tomatoes and these are never good breeds but one time my sister made a tomato garden and my dad bought her the seeds. Tomatoes are only picked if they accidentally happen to be there. My mum recently planted eggplants as a matter of fact. I think she picked that from a friend.

What we plant is pretty much what we eat. In my village we don’t exactly spice up and flavour our food. For sauce the process seems to always be, oil, onions,tomatoes, salt and whatever you are making maybe beens or silverfish or cabbage and that’s it. No extra spices,no extra flavours. Maybe some people also add curry powder. Our meat is either smoked, fried or boiled and that’s it. I definitely love our food the way it’s made. But I’m so eager to try out other stuff, except for eggs ,which I dislike. And they are also eaten alot, we keep hens. The sad thing about gardening though is that it clearly shows what life really is like, the changing seasons, the work done every time that sadly feels like a repetition each time,like weeding,you weed knowing the weeds will grow again and sometimes it just isn’t satisfying.

Pumpkin leaves ๐Ÿ˜„

I don’t think this is the comfort I want to settle for in future actually, I sort of want to do more traveling and other stuff. Soon I will find out what the world of having to buy food looks like, very soon, and I’m excited.

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How much more honor can I give,
I know you are a prince,
You’ve been chosen to be that,
All due to your great ancestors.

And sadly, I’m just a pauper,
How lower do you want me to go,
Can I make it down there.
It’s so sad to know my honor now,
Is only because of your disobedience,
And arrogance.

Why does it feel like I don’t got much honor still, and why does it feel like I’m
Still paying for my ancestors mistakes.
It gets lower and sadder.
But I’m still honored to be a daughter.
Royalty I didn’t deserve nor worked for,
But grace, gave it all for me.
I believe in you,
And I’m glad to be part of your family.

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” St. Matthew 1:21 NI V

He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”St. Matthew 15:24

I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.St. Matthew 8:11

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They have one problem , Evil always wins.Even those from Vatican like The Nun 1&2. Evil tends to win over God and goodness. Its only in rare ones that goodness wins . Why ? , Well do they want to show how powerful demons or evil can be? It’s like when the light,truth and goodness wins then there’s no horror,no scary story to tell. Afterall who can bear the word horror lose it’s meaning . Anyway horror movies differ but for most, evil wins or the mystery is left unsolved. Are horrors meant for entertainment or to frighten , scare you or keep you afraid?

What do people enjoy most about horrors ? The mystery,the ugly or the scary ,( the fear and Will to survive ,fight of the prey ,disturbed,attacked and affected),the constant failure to survive despite their effort like in “Wrong turn” or most horrors where after a victory ,still the victory will turn out assumed and the worst will still happen. Why do people watch horrors?

Which situation is that in life where people fight ,struggle against something and still they lose even when they came close to seeing victory and actually thought they had it , afterall a movie has to do with people or an individual ,the writer, the mind behind it.

Maybe life itself is more like a horror . People feel like something or someone is ( horrible ,scary or frightening,ugly) is out to get them ,the fear could be failure,poverty , people’s judgment, a loss etc. but hey,they fight to overcome it and in the end become rich yet it’s common that their horror followed them still ,it hasn’t been conquered ,it’s lurking in the shadow and still wants to get to them . So they fight to remain rich ,but that ain’t no better place . Probably that’s one of the things horror script writers want to show the world out there. That life is in whole , a horror on its own. Victory is never won ,it’s never meant to be . People are shocked when in ‘Wrong turn”,every turn turns out wrong and every struggle wasted.

Maybe horrors are one way of revealing people as vulnerable,most of them innocent,scared, frightening, struggling to win when victory ain’t even theirs and at times becoming savage and inhuman just so they can save themselves. Yet there’s always the no way out lurking somewhere.

Not many people can sit through a horror. For some it’s just too scary . So what if horror lovers are just people who believe they can conquer their own horrors,fears through watching these movies . Maybe they are afraid of being shaken , frightened and living in fear so they think they can handle some of their fears by sitting through a horror. Okay sometimes it’s just due to peer pressure,there are alot of reasons.

In a way, life is kind of like one of those scary movies. People dream of making earth a little heaven, we shall eradicate police violence, violence in homes. We shall fight against cancer. We won’t let the vice of ignorance stay, we shall offer education for all. Let’s build homes for the homeless so no one ever goes hungry. Women deserve to have their rights respected too. No more sexual abuse. Let’s fight racism. And what about global warming.

Others say, maybe I can’t save the world , but I can have a paradise of my own. So they build a fancy house in the suburbs, a fancy pool, and everything else they need, live fancy,that’s the goal. But it’s never enough.

And after all these fights for world peace and unity, the suicide rates increase, so does depression and sexual abuse. People get exhausted, hope is lost, drunkenness is the trend. And then bingo, the wrong turn, every turn is a wrong turn . And the ‘anaconda’ still lives. You never win , and not even on the seemingly greatest enemy, death, the never fought enemy, all we wish is that one dies in old age and in a sort of quiet peace I think.

And this makes me wonder. If in a way, poverty was eradicated , sexual abuse was no more, corruption was handled, the police was in a way less violent , leaders were true patriots etc etc. Would the ever dying earth finally become a paradise? Oh, but I want to note, if all was perfect, police wouldn’t be needed ( Police violence can be eradicated only with the eradication of crime and in a way,the removal of the reason the police exists ), etc etc. I can’t go on, I’m actually unable to imagine a paradise on earth as it is. Just like I can’t imagine total victory over what we think the problem really is and somehow we always make the problem something outside of us .



Movies sometimes reveal our biggest wishes. They often reveal our different mindsets,thoughts ,ideas, dreams,fantasies. Through a movie people think your thoughts after you .This has been proven in various ways. The first vampire story was Dracula, freakish , frightening,all darkness ,a ruthless blood sucking monster is what a vampire was shown to be.


And soon , complementary movies,novels ,series,cartoons were out ,some showing exactly how evil and terrible vampires are like Vampire Hunters and many of the others brought out the good qualities in vampires. Some unsatisfied writers came up to say, vampires can’t be that bad or all bad like “Twilight” , or to say maybe some are good and others are bad like Vampire Diaries, Twilight etc and others just came out to say,yes they are bad but you can’t judge them,they are helpless too,they can do nothing about their bloodlust and what’s wrong with just being who you are, maybe being all bad ain’t so awful afterall. Some people said maybe dangerous bloodthirsty monsters can have a life too and even become loving ,caring and nice as time went on (Originals), The issue of being unable to reproduce was solved too afterall in fantasy,all is possible.


And hey,soon even Cartoonists were saying maybe vampires can be funny , sweet and kind ,and bingo ,we had (hotel Transylvania) ,after a long journey ofcourse. Soon we were singing maybe I’m alittle different but we are still the same if you look underneath( Vampirina). The cold, bloodthirsty demon soon disappeared. This alone shows how so different we are . Some are too critical,others realistic and others dreamy and love to turn all ugliness beautiful in their minds.


Not everyone was ready to accept the idea of vampires,all evil,scary and dangerous, the fate of the planet would be at stake, some positive thinkers said, hey let’s be positive, how would it be like to be a vampire,their desires, thoughts, plans etc. I am not so sure I should say this ,but vampire movies are about alot more than just blood lust ,they are about all kinds of lust ,even sex, and sadly ,they are about letting your lusts control you, letting go of all discipline.

But are we ready to turn the rapist into a sweet guy whose only folly was being unable to control his lust just like the vampire’s blood lust? Or that the old it’s just the way I am, it’s no fault of mine that I’m such a jerk excuse is actually a valid excuse? How ready are we to claim that all can be made beautiful and ugly is not so bad afterall ?



The worst is gona happen
Not everything will be great all through
We work hard ,expect success but fail
We love , expecting love, yet, betrayal, disappointments still come our way.
We do our best but don’t always get our best.

That’s just life,it’s the way things are down here. Yet how unexpected,the worst comes to us . We are surprised ,shocked,unable to believe it.
We are never ready for the most horrible things.
And we never quite learn how to handle all things, and expect both good and bad.

Expecting the worst always,would be a loss of hope and of our lives, So we won’t do that.
And hoping, anticipating, aiming, dreaming is just how we live.
Positive minds are what we encourage always.

But why blame us for our unreadiness
The worst in life is just not natural
God made all perfect and that’s just
The way all was meant to be .
Now imperfection has crept in
And how hard it is to live with it,to expect disaster is always miserable.
And naturally we were meant to be perfect not sinners,so disappointments,hatred, failure,disaster,heartbreaks are just never what we expect because they are unnatural and were just never meant to be a part of us.


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I don’t know much about dancing as part of worship. But one time when I was hanging with my friends at campus,they turned the music up and danced alittle. And Joan looks at me and goes, you have to dance ,Patra went on to say she is from a family of people who like to dance ,her mum and dad both love dancing. I told my friends I don’t dance and that in my family no one dances , well that’s actually true, I never see my mum dancing and my dad is a terrible dancer but he still tries. My grandpa though, that man danced so well.

Issue is I don’t dance, I never danced in high school, not in dance clubs nor ” dankes ” I never dance in Church, actually that might just be because in my former Church , a Roman Catholic Church, dancing was done rarely, I used to sing in choir though I had a terrible singing voice . Still even when I attended school prayers with the born agains or Anglicans , I never danced with the others during praise and worship,I just sang and worshipped God.

Now I think the only reason I don’t dance is because of my pride. I mean you don’t have to be a good dancer to dance and have fun with friends, you just have to dance.

When I thought of dancing,I remembered how I used to dance in Church as a little girl, once I got kicked out of a dance group for missing out one step during the final rehearsals. So now the fact that I can’t move my hands and feet at the same time is probably due to fear, a deep rooted fear, probably of rejection. I didn’t feel bad when my favorite teacher kicked me out of the group after all the hard work, learning the song, learning the steps and so on , because I was never going to perform, I might have been perfect but I hadn’t prepared my uniform, actually I missed a step because I was afraid I would disorganize the group when I didn’t show up so I got so distracted , I was so sure I would never get something decent to wear and I told no one about it. My boarding uniform literally had a hole in it and I was waiting till visitation day to tell my parents and I always just held the slit part with my hand and walked on but this made dancing alittle harder on that fateful day. We had one visitation day in three months . I was like maybe 10yrs old then, so it was probably ten years ago.

Well ,after thinking of all this I thought,hey why not start dancing again and change my attitude. That’s when I realized it’s different even now, I would be mad at myself if I danced to a secular song. For real I’m setting no standards for Christians,this is just about me and I have no biblical proof for choosing this, but I’m battling to stop watching secular movies, action packed movies and well , I would feel so guilty if I danced to a secular song. Since I’m not going to church,I ain’t dancing any time soon. But I keep wondering, even if I only listen to gospel songs and never listen to secular ones, I always make the exception for songs from cartoons, I literally find myself singing Look how high we can fly from Barbie, does this make me a hypocrite?

Me growing up.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I also wanna share this song that my sweetest teacher taught us, Madam Gladys Alado . I think many people have heard of it but I don’t know the original author .

Those days!
You have got to build your house upon the rock,to make a good foundation on the stone land,when the wind may come and blow and the power of God will seive.                                     ...                                                       Don't build your house on the sand land, don't build your house on the shore,when it may look so nice,you have got to build it twice,you've got to build your house once more.
Me and my sister.
Me and my sisters again. # Those socks are definitely not the ones for the shoes.