For someone who is so afraid,
Of people,failure, everything,
For someone so careful,I have made
Alot of wrong decisions.

How did playing it safe become
Playing it tough and mad,
And why wasn’t it safe,
Ofcourse I thought it was then,
But now I look back and wonder,
How did I fail so miserably.

I sat low, said nothing,
Though I longed to stand straight,
But that didn’t keep me from feeling
Like a failure, a fool
My fear of being laughed at let me sit low
But feelings of being a loser weren’t avoided.

Afraid of mistakes, wrong choices,
And I guess being like everyone else,
I avoided alot of relationships,
But was that a good choice,
Did it make me any different,
Funny, I remained lost.

And the fears I’m still fighting,
I will win,
Because I am nolonger on the losing side,
I fight with Him who won the victor’s crown, the King of Israel .

A Lover.


It could start out great,
I look into your eyes and I know
You are the one for me.
Feels crazy but I’m more than happy.

Being in your arms,
Holding you close
Holding hands,
Telling stories till late,
Knowing you love me
And you can give all for me,
All could be.

But I can’t let it be,
I’m afraid when seasons change
I won’t survive the heartbreak
I’m afraid of the lies,
It hasn’t been long, and you are
Already telling them.
Am afraid you will change

Truth is, you are bound to change,
You are human and we do change,
I might change too,
And maybe grow too
So why the fear?


There is love indeed,
Love you can live for,
Love worth dying for.
There is love so perfect and beautiful,
Love that’s everlasting,
Love that generously gives,
Love that never forsakes.
There is love so amazing,
Love so great ,and that’s love eternal.
Well that’s God’s love.
He alone loves us too much,
For people so unworthy.
My adoration will forever be all his.


We can’t be friends,
Mind telling me why.
I know you wanted us To be more,but I am not ready.
So if we can’t just be friends,
Why talk at all.
It started off fun,
Now it’s bitter,
But I hurt too ,no reason
Listening again,
Still wish you could hear me
Whisper sorry.
Hope all friendships
Never do get sour though,
Because though romance
Is beautiful, Friendship too has
A beauty it can never lose.


What am I afraid of,
Afraid my prince charming
Might be a frog.

Or that the whole world,
Doesn’t admire Him!
But if he be mine,
Does everyone need to agree?

Or could it be ,
The fear of being no different?
Maybe it’s getting hurt, disappointment.
But love does hurt,
I can’t love and avoid pain,

Could it be losing my youth?
Because that’s something I,
Sadly can’t keep.

Or a claim of having found,
None worthy!
But I am ordinary,
Or do I fancy otherwise?

Is it a romance I seek,
Or a marriage?
But who will tell me the
Difference, if it even exist!

What will tell whether
My love be strong,
Time or passion?

What should church be like?

Oh the prayer books,
Our requests to our Father already
Written down for us to read to Him.
The uninspiring songs because
We can’t take the risk of being modern
But improper before our King.

The good hours, in which we write
Down the requests of all
And read out loud.
Then the hours spent on our knees
So our lover can look on us with pity
And probably mercy.

The days spent listening to one
Holier than thou,
The quiet shame of sharing with him
The wrongs you’ve done
Like your Judge was far from reach.

Then the holy drink and bread,
Telling a tale always, of love
That you alone don’t see.
But , it is follow the set rules,
Say nothing, kneel ,listen
Do only your part and Silence
Am sorry if this fellowship
Just seems a little bizzare for me.


When I’m old enough ,
I don’t want to be grumpy all the time,
I don’t want to have no trust in
Those younger than me.

I would hate it if I grew
To be suspicious of all people around me,
And so very bitter.

And after I have achieved big things in life,
God, help me not to be so serious
About everything in life.

Help remind me of
How beautiful simplicity is,
Of how amazing it would be
If I cared to hear the stories of younger People, and tried to understand them.

Help me know that being forty,
Doesn’t mean my story matters more
Than that of a sixteen year old.

Remind me to crack silly jokes,
To laugh at stupidity,
To know that it’s okay,
To be foolish sometimes.

More importantly, help me remember,
That it maybe so hard at forty,
But life was hard even at sixteen.

The hour glass.

Do we have sands of time?
We say,”Don’t live in the past!”
Live in the present .
That is because if we keep living in the past,we may lose our future.
Our present today determines our future,
Our present tomorrow.
But that is time.

Time hardly waits for us or notices our troubles . It keeps going . But our time on earth, has an end.Ours is but limited.
Soon, we drop dead, & without us,
Time ⏰ goes on.
we say time heals wounds,
But what is your say?
How do we explain the past that keeps on haunting us even on a new sunrise?

But time too has an end.
Time is untouchable, unlimited & keeps on & on. With probably no one crossing it’s paths.But time too has a master.
He is above all.The creator of time is not limited by it.
The past, present & future are at his disposal. We should be glad, that our Master is above all.He hardly waits for time to heal wounds or time to change
us or give us his victory & joy .
When he promises , nothing ever holds him back
Not even time.Now that is God,
He is Almighty.